Daily Sheets, Attendance & Child Care Management Software

Daily Sheets, Attendance & Child Care Management Software

Build Enrollment & Meet State Regulations!

Best Childcare, Homecare and Preschool Software for Parent Communication & Attendance Tracking!

myKidzDay is the #1 rated childcare app for Parent Communication, Contactless Attendance, Temperature/Health Check & Enrollment Tracking for childcare, daycare, preschools, special needs, before & after care, and schools.

  • Ever wonder how you can manage your childcare center, monitor classroom ratios, parent-staff communication & create lesson plans from anywhere/anytime?
  • Would your customers love you more if you deliver daily reports, pictures, videos, reminders, emergency notifications directly to their phones on free daycare app?
  • Want to build enrollment and save money by eliminating paper/printing costs?

If you answered yes, then start your free trial now. We set up all your accounts and can import data from Procare, ezCare, Childplus or any center management system.

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